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Today I Love The Echos Of A Soul

Ted Rusk
Photo of Ted Rusk by David Moss-Cornett

Today I love the echos of a soul. I love how each soul touches us. I love how much of a mark one person can leave on the world. I love that, even though I didn’t know Ted Rusk that well, through his friendship with my friends I feel his loss, and thereby feel how much more of a world and a life we all have experienced because of him. I love that I can tell how loved he was because of the impact he had on me, from the periphery of my circle of friends, and from the added impact on me through those mutual friends. I love that I now regret not having gotten to know him better because that tells me that his friends were rich in their knowing him. I love that I at least knew Ted as well as I did. I love that the few times we had shared jokes or sentiments they were always sincerely shared, moments offered without obligation and without reserve or tension, spontaneous discoveries of common humour as musicians, Canadians, local boys with local histories to draw on for references to things gone wrong in laughable ways. I love that I knew Ted Rusk. Godspeed, your friends are all either waiting for you where you’re going or will be joining you when their time to tune for that next show comes.

Today I love that I am sore in all the right places from having spent two long hard days doing good things for my community. I love that my back recovered from working at a vote tabulator that was four inches too short for me to operate comfortably, because I needed it for my job of swinging my golf clubs at the charity golf tournament for Second Chance Kids of Grey & Bruce counties. I love that I get to go play golf once a year and pretend that playing is worthy because in the end it is a worthy cause that is being supported.

Today I love the beautiful weather, not too hot and not too cold that we have. I love that I am now more likely to write outside than inside. I love I am still able to work hard at things and even though I know I’m older because of the after effects of that work, I still get things done and I still walk away from them with a feeling of satisfaction at my continuing abilities.

Today I love sipping my coffee and remembering Ted’s live music that still makes us richer, if only by the echos now left behind.

Today I Love The Echos Of A Soul

Kelly Babcock

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