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Today I Love Running Errands

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That was good … maybe one more?

Today I love running errands and doing other one of a kind things. I love that I’m pretty sure that if my life were a consecutive string of things I wasn’t expecting and never saw coming I’d probably be just as happy as I am now. I love when my day seems to be full and then an opportunity comes up to add something else into it and I jump to do that. I love that in many ways I really am the weirdest person I know. I love that I had one of our city’s workers worried ’cause I took his picture and he thought I was going to try to get him in trouble. I love that the picture was just for a message to someone to let them know that my street wasn’t blocked by the work being done so they would have access to my driveway. I love I’m hitting the road to cut the grass at the cottage in about ten minutes time so I’m writing faster than usual and the words still keep coming. I love my crazy brain and the way it works. I love that it often surprises me and since it is the center of my thoughts it must therefore be surprising itself which I thought was highly unlikely until I thought about it already having happened many times.

Today I love that the election here in my province of Ontario in my country of Canada is two days away and I am pumped about helping out in any way I can. I love that I do way more volunteer work than I do paid work. I love that I get to help my community both be a better place and celebrate the good of itself in any way I can. I love that it is still more than two months until SummerFolk but I’m starting to get excited about my participation in that.

Today I love candies that work as cough candies when the real ones are too cool and make coughing more likely. I love being out on the town in the early morning before the urban bustle begins. I love the phrase “urban bustle” and think it should possibly be a new dance. I love things that remind me of being up and moving early when I was a younger man. I love when I get up and going early now, ’cause it’s easier to think of myself as a younger man when that happens.

Today I love enjoying my coffee at a leisurely pace while I get ready to do all the stuff.

Today I Love Running Errands

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