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Today I Love My Random Memory

Jake Chegahno painted by Elaine Doy
My friend

Today I love my random memory that lets me drift around and know that there are things I know but doesn’t bother helping me determine what they might be. I love when I know I thought of something good to write for some project and can’t remember what it was because I know there is that idea to rediscover some day and maybe it will be a better idea by then, and better suited to what ever I’m doing by then. I love that yesterday I saw a red tailed hawk on the town sign for The Town Of The Blue Mountains and marveled at it calmly watching traffic, knowing full well that if I went back and stopped it would take flight and I would have to live with having disturbed its studies. I love that I thought that I would include that in my Today I Love yesterday and then it completely dropped out of my mind with all the parking and unloading and making my way to the Wednesday office and getting coffee and settling in to my desk. I love that the mourning dove sitting on the wire here in front of the house reminded me of the hawk. I love that I’ve seen some swift and terrible things in nature that have to do with survival, but raptors sitting quietly in contemplation make those memories seem distant and questionable.

Today I love that I’ll be in the TV studio today and tomorrow working on episodes of Our Community Stage. I love that today is catch up for last week when we couldn’t get everything to come together. I love that tomorrow is a show with a group of local musicians who play wind instruments. I love how diverse this show may well end up being. I love that I’m thinking of my friend, Jake Chegahno today because yesterday was his birthday and there was a tribute show at the Heartwood Hall last night that I ended up missing because I couldn’t get back to town soon enough. I love that one of my thoughts is that I would have loved to have Jake as a guest on this community show, he would have stood us all on our ears and been somewhat irreverent, as was his nature and his right.

Today I love that the smoke trees are starting to bloom. I love that the season is progressing along just like it is supposed to. I love that as a child I never noticed the days getting shorter until school started and I miss that innocence and naivety.

Today I love drinking coffee while the smoke trees send up signals and Jake haunts my thoughts with his quiet laughter. “You have much to learn,” he tells me. I’m learning, Jake.

Today I Love My Random Memory

Kelly Babcock

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