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Today I Love Monday Pain

coffee on the front porch
Caffeine and good aching

Today I love Monday pain that reminds me how much fun I had on Saturday and Sunday. I love how my old bones and muscles ache and moan but at the same time they say, “Let’s do that all again!” I love that we golfed and walked and took care of chores and packed things up and played near the water and inspected all the gardens and went to the market and made it to Harbour
Nights where we met up with all kinds of friends and watched more friends perform on stage. I love that my golf swing is still working enough that I’m pretty sure that I could get back into it and be a threat to some of the beginners in the sport. I love that I only lost one ball over nine holes and that I managed to par a hole and hit the green from the tee on a couple of par threes. I love that I don’t understand the attraction of golf and can’t explain it, but I feel it and know it’s real. I love that, as a writer, it’s pretty deep for me to admit I can’t explain something. I love that even when I’m golfing or listening to music (and there’s always music playing in my head), I’m still writing in my mind.

Today I love sleeping in a little bit, hitting the ground at a soft run and moving steadily through my day. I love that I am learning more and more about audio recording even though I’m sure I’ve only just scratched the surface. I love being embedded and immersed in the arts community here in my city, love all these connections that translate into acquaintances and friendships. I love finding my way through all the things I want to do in my life, even though I am starting to realize I’m never going to get through the list of things I want to try or the list of books I want to read or the list of movies I want to see. I love that the reason for not getting through those lists is not because I am giving up, but because those lists keep growing with new books and movies and adventures.

Today I love hammocks in the sun. I love all the flowers that are blooming. I love that we were buzzed by a hummingbird yesterday at the cottage and so we dug out the hummingbird feeder from the shed and brewed up some nectar and hung the thing just before we left. I love looking forward to seeing the hummingbird feeding there next time we go back. I love that I might try to get a whole bunch of stuff done in the next two days so that I can sneak away to the cottage on Thursday.

Today I love sipping my coffee on the front porch while I proudly weather the aches and strains of the weekend past.

Today I Love Monday Pain

Kelly Babcock

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