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Today I Love Lazy Cottage Mondays

frame to build boat on
This took how long?

Today I love lazy cottage Mondays, though if it is as lazy as our lazy cottage Sunday was I’m going to need more old man liniment. I love how we wander around here with coffee and ponder whether or not it would be better to change some things or better to accept some things. I love how the cottage is easily seen as a metaphor for life, and how it calls to ones soul about  ones spirituality, making it easier again to ponder great philosophical questions. I love how, no matter how trivial a philosophical question is, it becomes great just by virtue of its contemplation. I love waking up early in the morning and feeling the stiffness and pain that reminds me of the burdens I bore the days before. I love that those pains can be physical or emotional, the physical ones speak of things accomplished and the emotional ones speak of love experienced or longed for. I love stretching out the aching muscles and slowly reaching for the floor, the coffee, the door, the day. I love how quickly my pace increases, how little time it takes for me to hit my stride, how little my stride has decreased over the years though it has slowed down some. I love that I still look to be moving fast.

Today I love that yesterday we went swimming at the pool at the “Y”, and then drove to the cottage, and then put in the dock, and then went swimming in the bay, and then went for groceries, and then visited my father, and then came back to the cottage, and then had supper, and then went kayaking, and then read for hours and finally fell asleep. I love that as full as that day was it wasn’t that unusual. I love that our schedule is peppered with things to do. I love that all those things have so much potential to be things I love doing.

Today I love perfectly cooked bacon. I love that last night when we were kayaking the air kept switching from cool and damp to hot and dry in gusts, like someone kept opening an oven door as we passed by certain spots. I love being on the water, love how different it is from being on land, love looking down through the depths at the serene and quiet bottom. I love that I am going to try to complete a row boat I started building fifteen years or more ago.

Today I love drinking coffee while I sit on the deck and contemplate how lazy I’d like to be, if I could figure out how. Maybe taking more than fifteen years to build one little boat counts?

Today I Love Lazy Cottage Mondays

Kelly Babcock

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