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Today I Love Folk Music

Richard Garvey concert
Richard playing in the yard

Today I love folk music and house concerts and yard concerts and café shows and open mics and jams and the like. I love that yesterday I got to interview my friend Richard Garvey for Our Community Stage and then last night we got to go to his show at Jon Farmer’s place and as always, it was a great time. I love that banjo players are more appreciative of banjo jokes than most other people. I love that the definition of folk music is music originating among the common folk, and as such, it includes the birth of almost every genre of music. I love that I’m pretty sure that the music I play is folk, ’cause I think I’m a pretty common kind of guy. I love that I have a hard time describing my music and I like to think of it as eclectic, but I think I’d have to say it’s a sort of folk-pop thing if I’m telling the truth. I love the way other people perform my music when they do because I really love to hear them embellish the things they’ve found in my songs that I maybe missed or at least didn’t find as important as they did.

Today I love that we’re off to an open mic today where a friend will be hosting and since she comes to my open mics often I love getting to go to hers. I love that we’re really scrambling to get things done this weekend and fitting in the music is difficult, but always worth it so we’re doing that with determination. I love that I realized last night that my good gig guitar hasn’t been out of its case in several months and that has got to change so it’s coming with us today.

Today I love that we’ve switched over to cold cereal for the summer season and as soon as we did that the heat wave ended. I love that I may make another week’s worth of oatmeal, even though we’ve officially stopped having hot porridge for the season, because I’m just that kind of rebel! ;P I love writing outside on the porch even when my fingers are numb from the cool. I love all the wild things that are happening in my life these days, love that I’ve been actively seeking out so many opportunities to do things I’ve never done before, like hosting a TV show, and owning a cottage. I love that I am still able to fit the things I have always loved in to my life still, ’cause life is really about the memories, making them, having them, sharing them.

Today I love drinking coffee on the front porch while I reminisce about last night’s concert with my friend, Richard Garvey.

Today I Love Folk Music

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