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Today I Love Election Day

my grade eight school from 45 years ago
Old memories

Today I love election day and the fact that everyone of legal voting age in my province gets to cast a vote. I love that, as poorly as this system works, it is better than no system. I love all the oddness that arises from elections. I love the passion that pours forth, even though a lot of it seems to be hate. I love that I understand the anger when we are told that our vote will count and then some of us and often many of us end up being governed by the people we were voting against. I love that my mother and my father and my grandparents all were determined that we should always vote when ever we were called on to do so. I love that, although it isn’t my poll, I get to work at a poll across town today and it’s in my old school where I attended grade seven and eight. I love that this old building has become a church and so is still a part of its community. I love when places that helped build memories are maintained and re-purposed and kept in the community. I love all my old schools.

Today I love that I will be working all day long but that tomorrow I will be playing all day long. I love that I have such a mixed up life, love how it always works out for the best if I just look for the best in how it works out. I love that tomorrow is the big annual Second Chance Kids golf tournament and it is the only time each year that I am sure that I’ll be golfing unless it really pours down rain and there’s little chance of that this year. I love that to keep in shape we’ve been playing golf on the Wii. I love that if you invest yourself in doing it right, even when you’re just golfing on a gaming console, it really does translate to practice.

Today I love packed lunches. I love doing jobs that don’t require steel toed boots, though I also really love my old steel toed boots. I love that I can work hard or do hard work and it all makes me happy. I love that I can write from my old Ford pickup truck in a parking lot and still get this job done on time and get to work on time.

Today I love drinking coffee at my old school, I can assure you that that never happened when I was a youth. 😉

Today I Love Election Day

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