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Today I Love Charity Golf

golf clubs
There they are …

Today I love charity golf tournaments. I love that the one I’m in today is very near and dear to me because it supports an organization called Second Chance Kids that helps families from the counties of Grey and Bruce who have children who require lengthy out-of-town hospitalization. Second Chance Kids recognize that, even though health care is covered, expenses involved in being away from home can be overwhelming financially and emotionally and they make an attempt to intervene in both aspects of that burden. I love that Second Chance Kids is an organization that was started by people who have changed my life in their own ways in varying degrees from totally to peripherally, each one in their own way. I love that once a year I get to support this group by being one of the poorer golfers they have in the tournament and being the only auctioneer that manages to work just one day a year at the job and today is the day right after the tournament. I love that my auctioneering and my golfing are both often annual events, even though I always swear I’m going to golf more every year. Fortunately, I love golf thoughts as much as I love golf.

Today I love the perfect weather that seems to have settled on us for this last little bit of Spring. I love that it looks like summer but still feels like spring with perfectly mild air but mornings that are cool enough that they seem to be insisting on me wearing a sweater or jacket. Spring can be so endearingly bossy. I love how she gets me all togged out in my cooler weather gear and then flips a switch and there she is practicing her imitation of summer. Spring can be tricky.

Today I love when technology works. I love that my job in yesterday’s election here in Ontario was to run the tabulator and it worked perfectly. I love that working an election was probably both the worst and the best job I could have chosen for myself to spend thirteen hours doing, lots of people to meet and talk to, but not able to get up and walk away when I got antsy. I love mixing up the cold cereal in my bowl in the morning, a bit of this one, a little of that one and presto, a new flavor every day.

Today I love drinking coffee while I bask in the warm glowing knowledge that I know where the golf clubs are. Yes!

Today I Love Charity Golf

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