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Today I Love The Rowdy Crowd Of Birds

Right on cue …

Today I love the rowdy crowd of birds outside my window at five AM this morning. I love that, even though I did not want to be awake at that time, they were oblivious to my discomfort in their overwhelming ecstasy of song, so much so that I was forced to set my grumbling aside and accept my lot, that I was forced to lie awake and listen to happy chatter from the native dwellers in the trees here about. I love that I cannot stay grumpy for long. I love that this has made my life a primarily happy one in recent times, not because it is newly learned, but because it is newly recognized. I love how being aware of one’s own positive strengths increases their positive effects tenfold. I love that writing this daily affirmation has made me aware of many positive strengths in my make up. I love seeking out the good in me and then looking for it in those around me and trying to illuminate it without blatantly pointing it out. I love when I recognize that very activity in others. I love that early rising birds made me just a little bit more aware of all of this, they certainly seem to have a way of making up for disturbing my sleep.

Today I love that it is market day and just in time. I love that, since we missed the market last week as a result of pursuing knowledge, I have become subtley more aware of how fond I am of our stalwart farmers’ market and how much I rely on it to anchor my weekend and ground the static charge that the week builds up in me. Like reaching out a finger to a friend that you’ve just approached in a shuffling manner in slippers on carpet, walking in to the market has that same sudden sparking feeling of discharge that makes me laugh and feel like I’m not laughing alone, and I love it for that dissipation of my overloaded potential to crackle.

Today I love the quietly lightening eastern sky. I love that yesterday I recorded an old song of mine for mothers’ day. I love the thought of fresh bread because it reminds me of my mother. I love that the world is now on notice that I was awakened early and will be doing my best not to grumble, and to be cheerful about it when I fail. 😉

Today I love drinking coffee in the dark with the rowdy birds as we all await the same thing. And look, right on cue, here comes the dawn.

Today I Love The Rowdy Crowd Of Birds

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