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Today I Love The Resolute Flowers

Front lawn stars …

Today I love the resolute flowers that are popping up all over the yard and in other places as well. I love the determined little blue and white stars that are growing in the grass of the front lawn. I love that the Irises are rising in their typically tenacious way, that the Sedum was forging its curly heads up where we cut back last years dead wood from its places of prevalence, that the weeds are already trying to make a stand, and that we are making big plans for our little garden spaces. I love that we are looking to start some plants indoors yet, and plant others outside soon. I love that peas can be planted as soon as the earth can be worked and will grow when the time is right for them, such clever and tasty things. I love when the garden starts putting fresh food on the table again each year. I love that I am sitting outside, looking over the front lawn and dreaming of all theseĀ  plans while I write this. I love that there are so many things that need to be done outside because I love when we get to the point of the outdoors being connected to the indoors as part of my domestic domain rather than isolated from it as the chilly part of the world.

Today I love that the tires on the car will be swapped out for all season ones and the constant, contemplative humm of that aggressive rubber on the road will be reduced to a negligible level. I love how taking the snow tires off the car makes it feel more agile, kind of like when I switch from clunky winter boots to sneakers. I love all the seasonal changes that keep coming all the time, love that there is no status quo when it comes to life, that only in snapshots or freeze frames can we relax into a set of conditions, and life is not lived that way. I love living life fully.

Today I love dragon fruit. I love dragon boats. I love dragon wing begonias. I love that I’m not dragin’ my self around too badly after all the yard work and other things we did yesterday. I love that I have a full morning to look forward to when my writing is done. I love sitting outside watching my neighborhood go by undaunted by the threat of another day, because that’s the way it should be. I love the determined pace of those on their way to learn and work, and the slow, absorbent pace of those who stop and look and touch and listen, the ones that are already learning on their way to learn and work.

Today I love savoring my coffee on the front porch in the resolute company of Spring’s first flowers.

Today I Love The Resolute Flowers

Kelly Babcock

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