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Today I Love The Maple Next Door

maple in leaf
A tree determined to enjoy the season

Today I love the maple next door and the way it seems to have exploded, seemingly overnight, into a fully leafed tree, while some others around here are still just budding. I love majestic trees looking like they have just been crowned the emperor of their domains and standing tall and stately, guarding their corner of the world. I love being outside in the mornings, getting to write in the shade of the front porch, even if my fingers ache from the cold. I love the taste of morning air, the sudden presence of spring smells that weren’t there a moment ago and now are gone again and leave you struggling to recall their nature and finally as you realize that perfume is gone and that you won’t remember exactly what it was like, in desperation you file away the memory of how it made you feel while seeking the right spot where you might catch a whiff of it again. I love when so many things are in bloom it seems like there will be no blossoms left for Summer and Autumn to share. I love the school bus going by with its own share of of blossoms lining the windows, freshly picked from the laughing squealing crowd of human flowers clustered on the street corner.

Today I love that a friend of mine is learning to ride a motorcycle and I know she’s going to love it. I love that she is still young enough in her heart to want to try adventures like this. I love that I learned to ride when I was eight and, because I couldn’t reach the gear shifter with my short eight year old legs, my father rode on the back and changed gears for me. I love that those were different times, but I’m sad that there seems to be an aversion to such adventures anymore. Oh well, safety first.

Today I love that we have no set plans for the weekend other than getting ourselves to the cottage. I love that there are numerous “suggestions” made by both of us for things we might want to do, and they all sound like so much fun that I think this laid back, unplanned weekend might be the busiest one yet. I love that there’s a good chance of rain on Saturday which means that there’s a good chance of reorganizing parts of the cottage, but also a good chance of reading and playing Scrabble and Mahjong as well. I love rainy Saturdays at the cottage.

Today I love drinking coffee on the front porch while admiring our neighbor’s tree.

Today I Love The Maple Next Door

Kelly Babcock

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