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Today I Love The Bluejay’s Plaintive Call

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Coffee and words

Today I love the bluejay’s plaintive call setting the perfect tone for a cooler damp day and echoing in sound the smell of coming rain. I love the clean, fresh taste of the air on days like today, love the feel of the cool humidity in my lungs. I love how easy it is to become comfortable with a day when one accepts that the alternative to this day is no day at all and I’ll take all the days, no matter their perceived flaws, and I’ll cherish them and love them as perfect, for perfect is what each of them are in their own way. I love that I am outside on the front porch again today. I love when outside becomes an option for work. I love making plans for the arrival of our club’s dragon boat in my driveway tomorrow, love that it’s coming here to get its name put on. I love that the dragon boat season is just days away. I love that I’m taking a course on dragon boat team coaching on Saturday and I’m really looking forward to that. I love the water and the way it calls to me on most days.

Today I love choir practice and that I am a member of the Rock the Sound Choir. I love that tonight is dress rehearsal and tomorrow is the big show. I love that the people I “choir” with are all rock stars in brilliant, human ways that normal rock stars would never understand. I love that most of the musicians I know personally, if not all of them, would fall under the category of brilliant rock stars, as opposed to plain old, run of the mill, common, garden variety, world famous rock stars. I love that rock is the way we roll in this choir.

Today I love impromptu barbecuing. I love eating on the deck in the gloaming of the evening. I love that it was warmer in the dark of the evening last night than it is supposed to get today, what a beautiful, peaceful, happy meal that was. I love that we often barbecue our entire meal including dessert. I love that I donated blood again yesterday, and that even though it wasn’t my first time, I convinced them to give me a first time pin, ’cause I never got one the first time I donated blood. I love that a vowel followed by a consonant and then another vowel is supposed to make that first vowel have a hard sound, that a vowel followed by double consonants and another vowel is supposed to give the first vowel a soft sound, but the words dessert and desert, that rowdy pair, completely ignore those rules and that is why we never eat desert or let camels loose in our dessert, even though according to the rules … we should.

Today I love drinking coffee while I chastise unruly words on my front porch.

Today I Love The Bluejay’s Plaintive Call

Kelly Babcock

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