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Today I Love The Beautiful Weekend We Had

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Today I love the beautiful weekend we had with all the fun things that got done. I love that I forgot a couple of things, like my guitar at the coffee shop where I left it in the owner’s care until Monday and I still haven’t picked it up, but everything is okay still. I love when I forget things but stuff still works out. I love that I was just a few blocks from the shore of Lake Ontario on Saturday and right on the shore of the Georgian Bay part of Lake Huron on Sunday. I love that, although I ended the day last night with a chill and now I’m feeling rather ill, I got to spend a whole weekend getting things done and feeling accomplished and happy. I love that the garage is starting to look better again, and I’m hoping that soon the car will fit back inside of it. I love that every time I unpack a couple of boxes I find things and I’m like, “Holy Shizzle! I forgot I even had that.” and then I open up another and it’s the same thing again. I love that when I open a box there is almost always a clear and definitive destination or use for the things inside of it. This is getting easier and that’s definitely worth some love.

Today I love that I’m watching some interesting stuff on Netflix and some of it is pretty cool. I love that I’m reading a free book on my kindle and it was written so badly that I keep reading it to get a good laugh. I love that I’ll be reading along and something will suddenly happen and I’m all like, “Why? Why would you do that? That’s so out of character!” and then I’ll read further still and the character will do an about face for no reason and do what you expected them to do in the first place and I just scream, “AAAAAARRRRGGGG!!!!”

Today I love oatmeal with both mangoes and strawberries in it. I love Jersey and Guernsey cow’s milk and cream because it’s sooo smooth and tasty and because brown cows rock! I love that we’re getting to the season where we start to look at everything we cook and we ask ourselves, “Could this be barbecued or cooked outside?” I love that we’re getting to the part of the year where I want to just get up, make a cup of coffee, and go sit in the sun.

Today I love drinking coffee in the morning sunshine.

Today I Love The Beautiful Weekend We Had

Kelly Babcock

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