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Today I Love Parking Big Trailers

losing lottery ticket
There’s always tonights draw … ha ha ha

Today I love parking big trailers and by that I mean I love when they finally get parked where they’re supposed to be. I love that even though no two trailers are the same and even though it takes a few tries to get used to a trailer, eventually they decide to behave and go where they’re supposed to go. I love that the dragon boat trailer didn’t give me too much trouble other than the lights refusing to work properly. I love that I’m going to have to figure out why that is before we trailer our boat anywhere else and I love that I’m up for that challenge. I love that we filled the boat almost to capacity last night and that we were riding low in the water. I love that people really liked the new decals on the boat. I love that there was a leftover decal and I put it on my truck cap. I love that I’m now seriously considering buying another for the other side. I love that we were able to launch and go for our first paddle of the season and that it went really well. I love that I was able to get my sea legs back quickly and that I got the feel of the helm back in an instant, it just felt natural to be on the back of that lively little boat.

Today I love my Wednesday office and having a good list of jobs in front of me. I love that I get to do so many things for a living and for recreation. I love writing and I love editing (even though I grumble about it, I usually grumble just to make people laugh). I love getting to play with images to make them fit without losing their message, love getting to “run the back end” of some sites, and love getting to do all of these things almost at once some times.

Today I love all the fruit in the oatmeal, strawberries, raspberries, and pineapple. I love that we didn’t have enough steel cut oats so I augmented the gruel with Red River cereal and that gave it a different texture. I love that I’m not rich yet, but I buy a chance at it every Wednesday, and even though the draw is the same night of the day I buy the ticket I don’t check it until the next week so I get to spend seven days planning what I’ll do with too much money for my own good.

Today I love drinking coffee while I sit in my Wednesday office and dream about millions of lottery dollar plans.

Today I Love Parking Big Trailers

Kelly Babcock

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