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Today I Love My Mother’s Memory

coffee, computer, rocket hub
Coffee, computer, internet, the road … Yes!

Today I love my mother’s memory and how it seems to comfort me more and sadden me less each year. I love to hear conversations between mothers and children on Mothers’ Day even when I can only hear half of the conversation. I love how this day is often soft and warm and inviting, weather wise and I am happy that Mothers’ Day is held in the spring, giving it the chance to be like this so often. I love that today is a beautiful and sunny warm day. I love that we are on our way to celebrate Mothers’ Day with one of my favorite people, and she is a mother and an aunt and a lovely person. I love happy family gatherings and getting to participate in them. I love that we have had a leisurely start to our day and have not felt rushed even though we have a two hour drive to get to the place of celebration. I love that the drive is one that we are quite familiar and comfortable with.I love that there are people worth going on long drives to see and enjoy the company of.

I love that I have finished my shift of driving and am now set up in my road office on the passenger side with my computer and my rocket hub and I’m getting work done. I love that Sundays are often light days for work and so far there is nothing in my in box other than my regular blog writing. I love that I have some work to do every day because I love what I do and I think a day without it would be more like a punishment than a break, though I did love adventuring in Europe and I did miss a few days then.

Today I love Dim Sum. I love any kind of adventure and Dim Sum always counts as that. I love wearing loud shirts when I decide I need something more stylish than a tee-shirt. I love that my grandmother did not appreciate me suggesting that a tee-shirt was good enough for tea, though she was a teacher and one of my greatest fans so she did actually appreciate the wit. I love that we think nothing of driving for four hours to have a meal with good people. I love that mothers and grandmothers and aunts, great and otherwise, are almost always our greatest fans.

Today I love drinking road coffee in my road office while pondering this day of honor dedicated to mothers, dear mothers.

Today I Love My Mother’s Memory

Kelly Babcock

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