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Today I Love My Home

messy home
Ah home, sweet home …

Today I love my home and the feeling I get being here. I love that, although it has taken a while, this space where I live has become sanctuary. I love that it is starting to make me feel the adult version of how I felt as a child when everything seemed to be just as it should within the confines of a space that my heart identified as home. I love that it represents structure that is fluid enough to accommodate and rigid enough to support our lives. I love that we are contemplating how to best utilize the fluidity and comforting ourselves with the stability of its rigidity. I love that these are concepts that fit together to create the super construct of home in our lives. I love that home is much more than a house, that it includes people and relationships and love. I love that we take home with us in our hearts when we go places, and that we even plant the concept in other places, homes away from home, when we find the right conditions for home to grow in. I love that there is no place like home, but there is no place that, with some work, couldn’t eventually be home. I love that the work required for that is mostly love, and a little bit of joy and laughter.

Today I love that this is a busy day, that it will be full of good stuff, that when it is done and all is successfully completed I will feel like I won this day and will be expecting a medal! I love that the medal can be imaginary, in fact I insist on that, so that I can imagine it to be the biggest, bestest medal ever! I love that I spent part of yesterday answering questions from a five year old, that was fun. I love that I am still able to channel my inner five year old.

Today I love marinating stuff for the barbecue. I love a clean kitchen, though when it’s messy I know that it’s because we cooked good stuff well. I love that there is always music playing in my head even when there’s no music playing in reality. I love that yesterday my favorite radio show, Georgian Bay Roots, had a little interview with me for mothers’ day and I played a song live to tape for them. I love that today is a day off from running the roads, even though I love road trips. I love that I love the good parts of just about everything, and actively doing that takes the sting out of the bad parts.

Today I love drinking coffee at home while pondering the mess I need to clean up.

Today I Love My Home

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