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Today I Love Feeling Better

Feeling better at the Wednesday office …

Today I love feeling better than I did yesterday when everything went kind of downhill quickly but not like down a mountainside, just more like down a quiet sloping grade to a calm meadow where I just lay there in a dazed malaise. I love that I was able to get up from that and clean up the kitchen a bit ’cause it’s nice to feel like you’ve managed to accomplish something when you’re not feeling well. I love that I recovered enough as of this morning to be able to come to my Wednesday office and get back to my routine. I love the structure of a routine especially when it isn’t so rigid that it becomes stagnant. I love that I got my favorite seat at my Wednesday office after waiting only twenty minutes and pouncing on it when the person who had it left. I love that today is soft and warm so far, and that I walked out of the house without a coat and got into the car and drove away without even thinking about it. I love when the weather turns this way and wandering out of the house without having to get togged up in gear becomes common, everyday behavior.

Today I love that it is less than a week ’til the dragon boat goes in. I love that there is some good interest in the club this year and it looks like the crew will be a good one. I love that we always have room for more paddlers, and we might have to start paddling on more than one night a week. I love how my life has ended up on the water yet again in several ways, love that the water keeps calling me and I keep answering. I love that there will be swimming and paddling and many summer things over the next five months and I am going to do them all.

Today I love not being dizzy. I love that I did my version of binge watching netflix yesterday where I had it on and running, but I was mostly a million miles away while it droned on in the background. I love that my plan for my walk today is to mostly just meander around and take it easy. I love that I might make it to the hardware store and look at stuff that I’ll never likely buy for projects I will mostly just think about doing. I love that I am still looking at boats and lately I’ve been considering a little sail boat that is under 12 feet in length.

Today I love drinking coffee in the Wednesday office and quietly enjoying feeling better.

Today I Love Feeling Better

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