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Today I Love Early Morning Doughnut Runs

fire pit on the shore
The scene of last night’s marshmallow roasting

Today I love early morning doughnut runs from the cottage before breakfast. I’m told it was a grocery run, but the first thing I put in the cart was doughnuts, so that’s what I’m calling it. I love hanging out at the cottage, and though we’re heading home shortly I will be leaving a part of my heart here. I love that last night we built a fire down at the water and though it was pretty chilly, we kept warm by that fire and roasted marshmallows and chunks of pineapple and watched the stars come out one by one and I made a wish on the first one that I saw. I love that we bustled around and got a bunch of stuff done here, though I don’t remember much of what that was. I love that we played our own version of two person Mah Jongg last night, and never kept track of the points or the wins other than whether or not the “Wall” moved or the “Wind” changed. I love that we are well aware of the differences between four person and two person Mah Jongg and we can live with it. I love the clicking of the tiles as we shuffles and deal and play and laugh and ponder strategy.

Today I love getting work done online. I love that I sometimes feel like my work should be beyond me but when I get started some clever corner of my brain seems to have all the tasks and how they should be done and in what order figured out. I love working for my local online news magazine, love its feisty nature and its determined insistence on being unbiased in the face of accusations to the contrary simply because we post what we receive in the form of news releases.

I love that L.M. Montgomery’s two crows, Nip & Tuck, have left the realm of the Blue Castle and have come to stay at our cottage and keep us company while we’re about. I love that I’ve decided to call the cottage Paradocks. I love when I’m asked why I call it that when we only have one dock I just smile and tell them, “That’s the paradox.” I love Nikki’s Creek, and Skinner’s Bluff, and the Bruce Trail, and Big Bay General Store, and the villages of Big Bay & Oxenden, and Bruce’s Caves, and the cheerful town of Wiarton which are all in the area of our cottage.

Today I love drinking coffee while looking forward to this promising summer of water and warmth.

Today I Love Early Morning Doughnut Runs

Kelly Babcock

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