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Today I Love Busy Mornings

Last night's sunset
Sunset for ever …

Today I love busy mornings that fill themselves with things to do and yet seem to go on for ever. I love that I’ve gotten so much done and it’s just lunch time now. I love that there are still plans to do more things and now that we’ve arrived at the cottage I’m ready to get busy with them. I love that writing this is the first of them and that I waited until I was here to do this because I love writing at the cottage. I love that there seems to always be things to do here but for some strange reason they feel like they are fun. I love that if we were home they might still be fun, but not as much fun, so it’s good that we are here. I love that we are doing things, but still making plans, love that the bunkie is going to get some attention soon, love that the shed is being sized up for upgrades, love that we’re mystified as to what to do to stop the skunks from aerating our lawn but we’re laughing about the mess they’ve made. I love that every now and then I feel like I should just get a few worms and go fishing.

Today I love how good the course we took yesterday turned out to be. I love that we went shopping at the Pacific mall and bought what maybe is the best piece of textile I’ve seen in my life. I love that on the way home yesterday evening the sunset was spectacular and the sky stayed glowing for an hour after the sun set and it was beautiful. I love that the day was full of fun things, like a picnic in the car when we broke for lunch in the middle of our course.

Today I love the cheerful happy way the daffodils are looking up to the sky these days. I love that the little plants that bravely come out first before all others in the woods and forests are starting to break through the soil and the mats of leaves. I love that some of the trees are starting to show green and will soon explode with leaves. I love that Nikki’s Creek is running rather enthusiastically and passionately, that there are many places one can be at the cottage where one can hear it babbling along to the bay.

Today I love drinking coffee by the laughing creek and contemplating last night’s long, lovely sunset.


Today I Love Busy Mornings

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