packing my suitcase

Adventuring gear …

Today I love the red wing blackbird and its rusty gate-hinge noise as it drops in to announce how brave it is and why all should fear its mighty presence until some twig snaps and it is spooked and gone again. I love the welling up of signs of spring that abound for all to see so long as they are looking for them and not wasting time grumbling about how spring is not a magic spell that flips a switch and makes the world to be as summer all at once. I love that Spring is as it always has been and I am satisfied with her soft slow magic as I always have been. I love that this, with snow everywhere and strong sunlight and raucous chatter from starlings and grumpy, just awoken looks from post hibernation mammals, this is the spring of my memories and of my life. I love that, even dwelling in an urban setting as I do, I still hear the call of the land awakening, feel the soft touches of the wind as it eases from raw and freezing to cool and eventually to warm, smell the soil as it comes back to life and hear the seasons changing, the earth tilting, the coming rumble of the explosion of summer, teasingly, way way off in the distance yet.

Today I love that this week has turned into a maelstrom of activities and we will be setting our sail to catch what breezes we can of this perfect storm of things to do. I love that we have abandoned the idea of a day off today in favor of catching up and getting ahead so that all the things we have to do this week might actually get done, or at least enough of them that we will feel like we’ve succeeded. I love that part of our week will be spent in the city of my birth and that I will once again get to traipse around the downtown core and marvel at her spring essence. I love that this will be the second year that I get to do this and perhaps it will become an annual pilgrimage for me.

Today I love blueberries in my oatmeal. I love that words are somehow being more friendly to me today and that they are behaving well. I love that I make jokes about my advanced age and childish nature and the juxtaposition of those two things and people do laugh. I love being me, all my adventures, and all the things that occur in my life, like my new tooth.

Today I love drinking coffee and planning what to pack for my maybe annual pilgrimage to Toronto.