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Today I Love The Magic Show

Morning view across the bay
Setting the stage

Today I love the magic show that Bruce County put on for us. I love that our view out the cottage windows over the water is of Bruce County and that this morning when we got up, the stage had been set for a show. I love that the water had iced over but the sun started opening up different spots out there like part of a light show. I love that the sky was brilliant blue and the light was honey gold and then a shroud of misty lacy fogginess came in from the right and started to make Bruce County disappear. I love that after about ten minutes (that seemed like ten seconds) the whole county had disappeared from out view, and then the ice and water was gone, and then a few dots of confetti fell right outside our window and then suddenly there was flakes of white whirling around and even rising up in front of us and the big finally was all this confetti snow that seemed to be falling upwards as the wind swept it up from the beach, up our yard and straight up into the air and over our little cottage, what a show.

cloak of snow covering Bruce County
Disappearing act

Today I love my friend Barbara Ann for all the things she is to so many people and for all the things she does that I respect and admire. I love that she is a fellow writer and editor and I love how just knowing that we both “word” is an unspoken language in which we can communicate while others talk out loud. I love that she is an artist who paints with jewellery and photographs and words, and I do similar things with glass and photographs and words. I love that she is strong, and worthy of being admired as a member of my community.

Squall of snow moves on
House lights back up for intermission

Today I love bacon and eggs and toast eaten at our seats at the magic show. I love that as I write this, the resilient sun has come out once again to bring up the house lights and allow us to see our way to the concession stand. I love how the cottage, even when we’re on a deadline to get home, feels slow and lazy and just like holidays. I love that feeling even when I can only have it for one day in the middle of the weekend. I love scrabble and books and other cottage things.

Today I love drinking coffee, fresh and hot from the concession stand, while the county to the north does its magic show.

Today I Love The Magic Show

Kelly Babcock

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