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Today I Love The Fridayness Of This Day

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Today I love the Fridayness of this day of week – ending determination. I love that the weekend is about to start, I can feel it bulging at the seams and getting set to explode quietly into our consciousness. I love that yesterday I got so many things done and yet I forgot to make supper until it was almost too late, HA! I love when a Thursday comes together and I love it even more when a Thursday, seemingly against all odds, at the point of 23 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds, suddenly turns into a Friday in the space of a second. How amazing is that? I love that although it seems impossible, a very similar thing will happen to today, when it will suddenly, and seemingly without fanfare or warning, become a Saturday in the space of a breath, the blink of an eye. I love that these days just keep happening and that, if you accept them, they are all gifts to be savored to their utmost, put to their very best use, cherished while here and then let go of as the next one comes along. I love days like these, days that don’t care who you are or what you’ve done or even where you think your life is going, they will give you their very best if you will take it and make it your own, despite what your life has given you thus far.

Today I love that the car is tidy and that I considered cleaning out the truck as well yesterday and then thought, “Frack that shizzle” and then laughed at myself for being so proactively inactive after having been so proactively active most of the afternoon. I love that every time I end up in the garage I get some things sorted and I can clearly see stuff in a way that makes me think I’ll be able to get through reclaiming that crazy space.

Today I love plans to obtain raspberries, hopefully in the form of a pie because, “Mmm, mmm, mmm, raspberry pie.” I love mango porridge and that the idea of mango – strawberry porridge is now my plan for next week. I love that I’m thinking of putting old skis and snowshoes and maps on the back wall of the living room and maybe in the kitchen at the cottage. I love that my tools should soon be sorted and stored in my trailer and in the shed with just the bare necessities in the house and the cottage. I love organizing things, even though I’m well aware that the organization will not last.

Today I love drinking coffee and absorbing the Fridayness of this day while I contemplate garage reorganization.

Today I Love The Fridayness Of This Day

Kelly Babcock

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