backspace key

Doing some self editing ….

Today I love the calm of those who respond rather than react to things that seem irrational. I love that I can consciously do that if I’m present and aware. I love that typing in long diatribes of vitriolic acid often takes enough time for me to realize that I’m reacting instead of responding. I love that often the best response is to ignore some things and that once I realize that I feel like I’ve accomplished something important and can move on in peace. I love that when I do react without thinking, at least my grammar and spelling usually aren’t additional embarrassments to me. 😉 I love that I have seen people consider other sides to situations when confronted with responses, but I’ve never seen anything like that occur when they are confronted with reactions. I love memes that are inherently flawed, especially if the creator of those memes knows the flaw is there and it was done intentionally. I love all humor but I love subtle humor best. I love things that I find funny that make me laugh out loud and I really love when others don’t see the humor that I see but they laugh at the joy of me laughing. I love when someone finds it funny that I find something funny.

Today I love suddenly remembering that there was a time when I thought the greatest thing in the world to own would be a dune buggy. I love that I lived through the sixties as a child. I love that in this last week I’ve been bombarded with images from my minds memory bank of me walking to and from the ice rink as a youngster, reminded of the beauty of bright and brilliant blue skies and the smells of snow melting and the earth waking up. I love when I’m out walking and the sun suddenly touches me and warms me and says quietly, “Look, I am getting stronger, I will bring back summer, you will love me.” and I tell the sun, “I already do.”

Today I love how it seems like this is the first day back to work in a long time. I love that there is a lot of things to do today. I love that I kept the laundry going a little at a time all weekend long and am not “loads” behind. I love that I almost always think that I’m only reading one or two books at a time but I actually can see from here that I am reading at least four, and two of them are ones I started long ago and have not been able to get excited about but can’t just stop reading because, what if something happens?

Today I love drinking coffee while I backspace over vicious words of retribution that will not help anyone or anything.