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Today I Love Sunny Snowy Days

coffee, snow, sunlight
Sipping in the sunshine

Today I love sunny snowy days that remind me exactly how what time of the year this is. I love that we needed snow in the last few weeks of winter and I was worried about the land and now maybe there will be a little bit of help for it. I love that most of the power is back on here in my pretty Grey and Bruce counties, and that the trees are sparkling with ice but the roads are mostly fine now. I love that I have a busy day ahead of me and tomorrow will be more of the same. I love that I have appointments both days, that I’m looking after myself and my health and wellness. I love being as old as I am but feeling as young as I do, I think I’m understanding people who feel like they’re children trapped in old bodies. I love that my body hurts and complains, but doesn’t, as yet, try to stop me from doing most things. I love that I used to fear that there wasn’t enough time to see and do everything, but now I’ve learned to be thankful that I will never run out of adventures.

Today I love that I’m meeting with a good friend right before lunch for a wee talk. I love that lunch is all planned out when I get home, and dinner too, I just have to execute the plans. I love that the laundry is caught up, and the dishes will soon be as well. I love that I will be grocery shopping before the day ends and I get a kick out of browsing those aisles and seeing what’s available and what’s new. I love that I have a dentist appointment today, ’cause I love having teeth that work.

Today I love the chiming of the old clock in the hallway. I love the way things just are around here, comfortable and familiar. I love that we either get to keep going the way we usually do or we have other things to do and then we get to come back to the comfort of the usual. I love that we often adventure out from the usual to do exciting things and part of the appeal of that is that we get to return to good old familiar and usual again and ponder our bravery and our experiences.

Today I love drinking coffee in the sunshine while the clock chimes the hours while I wait for my next appointment

Today I Love Sunny Snowy Days

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