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Today I Love Strong And Adventurous People

my reflection in the window and the deck outside the window
Reflecting on an early April day

Today I love strong and adventurous people who don’t realize how strong they are but who will step into any adventure they deem to be necessary without more than a moment’s hesitation. I love that this is a perfect description of someone who is brave, moving forward in spite of fears and anxieties, rather than from having no fear or anxiety. I love that fearless is just another word for foolish and I would rather be surrounded in all my adventures by the ones who fear, yet still do. I love that at least one of them is with me now, and I love the adventures we’ve had thus far. I love that my life is far from over and there are more adventures to come. I love that I consider so many things to be adventures, from growing out my beard and wearing the garb of the Chinese God of Good Fortune, Cai Shen, to flying half way round the world for the first time in my life and immersing myself in whatever I could find there, from day to day activities to visiting the birthplace of one of my historic heroes. I love that adventure can be as easy as opening a book and as hard as arguing yourself into accepting things you’ve denied all your life. I love that things I’d thought I’d grown beyond can still come true. I love that I bought a pair of skis … relax, they’re cross country, but I bet I can find a few hills in the country side. 😉

Today I love that it is Monday and I hit the ground running this morning. I love that I’ve gotten some of my chores done and I’m going to work on my writing jobs as soon as I’m done here. I love that there is another big walk planned for today. I love that yesterday we cleared up a whole lot of the space we call an office … where does all that stuff come from, eh? I love that we’re slowly coming to terms with getting rid of things. I love that I am working my way towards letting go of a lot of stuff.

Today I love pondering oatmeal flavor possibilities ’cause I have to make a fresh pot later. I love the morning sun beaming in as the mourning doves moan plaintively and the red-wing  black birds and the boat tailed grackles burst out with their calls that sound like an explosion of rusty swings suddenly swinging. I love this old world and it’s sounds of home, and if I close my eyes and feel the heat of the sun and listen to the sounds of the day I am almost in my grandmothers back yard, calmly and quietly accepting that it is early April and the days before me are endless.

Today I love drinking coffee and imagining endless days of bliss.

Today I Love Strong And Adventurous People

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