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Today I Love Snapshots Of Winter

layers of snow displayed in cross section
Geology on ice

Today I love snapshots of winter captured in the “geological” layers of snow. I love how even if you don’t know how to read them, and I certainly don’t, you can clearly see that the different layers of consistency and color tell about the changing winter temperatures and the accumulations of different types of snow at different times. I love most of all that this snapshot is very temporary and will be gone in the next one to three days. I love this planet and I love that it is a living and breathing thing with a pulse of day and night and a respiration of seasons. I love that different parts of it, like organs, do different things for its health. I love imagining that the very plants and trees are its collective mind, each one like a brain cell, each root system being half of a synapse, all together being a consciousness that helps it be aware of itself and the constant changes that occur on its surface and within its protective atmosphere. I love that so many cultures revere the earth as a mother and that seems to me to be perfect, the nurturing soul and the caring heart make it obvious. I love this place. I love that the French President just said “There is no planet ‘B'” and that made me laugh with joy at the depth and the obviousness of it.

Today I love the brilliant sun beating down and warming the eastern windows of my home. I love how medicinal that light and warmth is on this frosted, chilly morning. I love that my hands froze a little when I scrapped the car windows today, but the sun was there to fix them and now they are clattering happily over my keyboard with only the normal arthritic pains that they endure on a daily basis.

Today I love that I have all the domestic things to take care of like dishes and the last of the laundry and the grocery shopping which gets me out of the house. 😉 I love that I’ve been buying books on my kindle when they are on sale for zero dollars and it’s amazing what is available. I love that brilliant classics from my childhood can often be bought for $2 or less. I love my library in a tablet, though I still love reading real paper books too. I think I’ll keep both.

Today I love drinking coffee while I contemplate the past winter and its layers of intricate weather as displayed by the snapshot in the melting snow.

Today I Love Snapshots Of Winter

Kelly Babcock

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