freshly made coffee

Fueling up for the week ahead

Today I love rising early and having an easy leisurely morning in preparation for a week of early awakenings and road – tripping with purpose. I love planning long drives so that they get done, but don’t feel like a job. I love when my obligations are accomplished without being considered burdensome. I love how easy it is to become acclimatized to rolling over miles of rural roads. I love how the Google keeps tabs on what’s happening on the road ahead and offers alternative routes when that seems to be advantageous. I love how simple using Google actually is and yet how futuristic it would have seemed just twenty years ago. I love being on the road almost as much as I love being at home. I love that the car was not needing a major repair last week and I love that our mechanic found the problem and fixed it for next to nothing ’cause you can’t beat that. I love that we didn’t have to drive the big truck into the big city, especially with the price of fuel the way it was down there. I love that we have the option of moving big things when we need to, but I really love that we also have the option of going from A to B on half the amount of fuel that the truck would burn.

Today I love that there are things to write and things to edit and things to post and this is just the first of them. I love my work and my many jobs, but I could always use more of them so I love that I am a pushy guy who tells people that they need me to help them out. I love that, especially when it comes to editing, everyone wants the same thing, for the words to tell the story in the best way possible and I really love when writers and clients suddenly realize editors are actually on their side.

Today I love gingham table clothes and gingham shirts and gingham tea towels and gingham in general. I love bright colors and cheerful textiles. I love doughnut holes on the road because you get a bigger variety in bite sized portions. I love movie watching plans. I love that today is a grocery shopping day if the weather is okay. I love that the snowblower worked perfectly yesterday, even though the snow was the heaviest of the year.

Today I love coffee and the way it fuels me up for this week of driving and cooking and shopping and getting all the things written and in the right places with the right punctuation. Word!