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Today I Love Poetry On A Budget

Contemplative, poetic coffee

Today I love poetry on a budget. I love that I was able to purchase a book of selected poems by Emily Dickinson for two dollars. I love her perfectly luminous yet interpretable references to things like romantic love. I love how returning to read works by a master sometimes catches me by surprise when I realize I had maybe taken their mastery for granted while I was away from their words. “What if I say I shall not wait? What if I burst the fleshy gate And pass, escaped, to thee?” ! E.D. I love how brave some words can be, how informative, and yet revealing nothing that one might not have guessed one’s self, if one had but looked with the poets eye at the same thing. I love that poetry is the true language of love and love the truly natural subject of poetry. I love that there is poetry in all things, even war, but that it is always love that causes poems to become real for it is always love or the lack or need that sparks the poet’s heart and bids them write.

Today I love that Saturday is upon us. I love that there is so much to do and some of it is done already. I love that the market was busy but not crazy busy today. I love that my income tax is filed, yay! I love that I am still looking for more work to keep my words busy with. I love finding stories to write with words, whether they end up in prose or poetry or even song. I love the poets who fit words to music and bring it to the stages of our world to share. I love the musicians who feel the love in other people’s songs and bring their interpretations of those words to those same stages to share.

Today I love peanut butter sandwiches with too much butter and a little bit of guilt for their thick, rich, decadent taste. I love good food and people who find joy in making it and sharing it, and even joy in eating it. I love good friends and visits made to seem purposeful, for those are the visits that are made for the purpose of sharing time and dreams and hopes and laughter and happiness. I love that joy is twice as strong when it is shared, and trebled when it is reciprocated.

Today I love drinking coffee while I write about love and joy and poetry.

Today I Love Poetry On A Budget

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