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Today I Love My Outdoor Office

Ah, the outdoor office is open again.

Today I love my outdoor office and the kindly way Spring has made it comfortable for me to be here. I love the sweet, fresh smell of the air filled with humidity from the melting snow. I love that I am sitting outside in my pullover right beside a drift of crystal snow that is up against the edge of the front verandah and melting slowly into the flower bed. I love that birds are ranting and raving everywhere about their plans and schemes for this season and the coming summer, “Gonna build the biggest nest ever, gonna have some eggs and hatch those things and feed them chicks …” I love birds who brag. I love the stealth of the hunter robin as he hops silently and quickly across the lawn, stopping every two or three feet to search for signs of his prey. I love the saying, “The early bird gets the worm.” because every time I hear it I think, “What if we’re worms? It wouldn’t pay to be early if we were worms. I should have slept in today.” I love that I did not sleep in today, though I slept very well, thank you very much.

Today I love plans to clear out the garage over the next few weeks and clean up the kitchen today and arrange things in the gardens and tune up the lawn mower and put the snow blower away and maybe build a new shed or renovate the bunkie or find a shade tree and sit under it making plans for all these things. I love that there are plans for the dock to be put in in a different place from where it was last season. I love that we bought solar LED caps for the steel poles that anchor the dock in place and I’m looking forward to seeing them working.

Today I love slow cooker stew. I love that the bacon/chicken/rice dish I made last week lasted for over four days, and I really, really love that recipe. I love that even though we have to eat to survive, we can take it for granted for days on end and then suddenly get excited about a certain meal or going to a certain restaurant or meeting certain friends for potluck meals. I love that I have go to meals for occasions like that. I love the scratchy, scittery, somewhat sibilant noises that old dry leaves make on cement in the light spring breezes.

Today I love drinking coffee and writing in my outdoor office.

Today I Love My Outdoor Office

Kelly Babcock

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