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Today I Love Going Home Again

maple syrup and coffee
I’m a sap for syrup

Today I love going home again for a bit this afternoon to the village I will always call my home town. I love that there is maple syrupy things going on there, that we’ll get to eat a late brunchy lunch breakfast thing in the church basement made up of all things maple and then tour some of the sugar operations that always spring up. I love that of all the places in the world that I might be referring to, when I say “back home” I usually mean the village of Kemble. I love that it is close enough to visit, and far enough away to have become mythically idyllic and a place of fond and fanciful memories for me. I love that the reality of visiting there never actually destroys the fantasy of the place for me. I love that in my imagination, and in my heart, my mother and grandparents are still there and doing well, the farm is flourishing, the weather is always perfect no matter whether it’s storming or sunshiny. I love how my childhood continues every time I visit or even just pass through the place, resurrected and still as resilient as it and I were in that hazy distant past.

Today I love the way Saturday can feel so comforting even when there is so much to do. I love that things are getting done, though there seems to be a slowness that has settled over the day. I love that the time seems to be going as slowly as the work I have to do, so hopefully all will work out even in the end. I love the delusion of time and the ability I sometimes seem to have of being able to slow it down or speed it up, though I have noticed that when I speed it up I can never get it to slow down quite as much as it was before … hmmmm.

Today I love that my tooth has finally been replaced and that this time the implant didn’t turn in the bone and while it feels pretty funny in my mouth after two plus years of not being there, it looks like it was always supposed to be that way. I love that I can say that I am more toothsome by one tooth, and that makes me laugh. I love that even though the open mic yesterday was so lightly attended that I played for over an hour myself, it was still a success in that we got it done. I love that there are no open mic trends and that what happens one week will have no bearing on what happens the next week.

Today I love coffee’s lovely flavor which I can only describe as “moody and awake with hints of brain storm and a bouquet that suggests brilliant ideas.”

Today I Love Going Home Again

Kelly Babcock

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