laziboy, coffee

Home and coffee’d.

Today I love best shots and, in particular, I love taking my best shots at the things I wish to accomplish. I love when people give all of themselves to what ever they are doing and I love the people who do that. I love ambitious plans and I love when they are attempted by determined souls and I love when those souls succeed, but I love even more when, win or lose, they learn about themselves and what they love in life. I love that sometimes failing at something teaches you the worth of what you were trying to achieve and that sometimes that lesson is the difference between whether you try again or whether you modify your plans because you’ve found something you want more or something you’ve decided isn’t worth the effort because there are still other things you need to try. I love people who are willing to turn their entire lives upside down to find out who they are and what they need to make their life complete and full. I love people who know what their life is supposed to be right from the start, and I love people who don’t know but keep searching, and I love people who feel that they’re too far on in life to go after what they wanted and then suddenly things happen that give them that chance and they take hold and run with the opportunity. I love that I am in at least one of those three groups, maybe all of them.

Today I love road trips, yes, I still love road trips and I will continue to love them as long as I need to, which will probably be my whole life because one of the things I know my life is always going to be about is adventures and adventures happen most frequently when we “venture” out. I love that although the weather looked less than pleasant today I was able to drive for five hours with little trouble.

Today I love omelette sandwiches on the road. I love that the week is supposed to slowly get warmer. I love that I’ve got some cooking to do. I love that I’m making supper tonight from a recipe I’ve been cooking for so long that I don’t have it written down anywhere that I know of, and only make it two or three times a year but still remember it completely. I love that I have a few of those old recipes in my head.

Today I love drinking coffee in my easy chair after a long, thoughtful drive.