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Today I Love Being Accompanied By Moonlight

early morning moon
Moonlight drive

Today I love being accompanied by Moonlight as I hit the road on another adventurous drive in the wee small predawn hours of a beautiful day. I love how at one point the moon was hanging directly over the road ahead, like we were driving to the moon and it was waiting for us. I love driving through the early mornings this time of year when there is mist on the moors lit by the ambient light of the not yet risen sun and the reflected light from the bit of moon that was heralding old Sol’s arrival. I love the ghostly way the earth looks, frost on the dried yellow grass left behind by last Autumn’s departure, and the fog hanging over the ice and water of lakes and streams and ponds. I love the winding ribbon of road that finds its way to where ever I need to be. I love the easy feeling of my car being almost alone on the highway, only the odd few others with whom I can share a sense of camaraderie and discovery. I love that there are a few of these trips planned for the foreseeable future, drives that will take me to places I need or want to be.

Today I love that there is so much food here in the house and it is ready to feed us whenever we wander back home. I love that lunch was as easy as throwing paella in bowls and warming it up. I love that there is some prep left to do with more of the food, but it is an ongoing fun activity and an opportunity to try new foods and new ways of food preparation. I love that I was raised with an adventurous palette, kind of suits me I think. I love sharing my traditional farm fare in exchange for foods that are more exotic to me.

Today I love that I made embarrassing muffins yesterday and that I’m accepting this failure as a challenge to damned well do the muffin thing right. I love that I have gone over that recipe again and again and cannot figure what failed, but I’m going to find a better recipe and make muffins that win awards before I’ll give up! ;P I love breakfast on the road, and lunch at home and still more than half of the day left to me to get more things done.

Today I love drinking coffee while Moonlight rides with me on the early misty morning roadway.

Today I Love Being Accompanied By Moonlight

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