Frosted roof and tree in sunlight

Frost on fire

Today I love this frosted morning and how it glitters in the rising sun. I love that we get to sleep in the spare room while the bedroom gets repainted and I love that there is morning sunlight in that room. I love that it is at least as fun a place for coffee in bed as anywhere else might be. I love that I can get up and make coffee and then go back to bed. I love that that both makes me laugh and is valid. I love that this frosted morning is a Saturday and a Market day and the last day of the Chinese New Year celebrations in our town. I love that I am part of that, appearing again in the costume of the God of Good Fortune. I love that we got a chance to buy primer for the bedroom this morning. I love that we’ve started the process of considering beginning to decide about choosing the potential colors that we will finally pick from to paint the bedroom. I love that picking colors for paint always seems so difficult and we worry about our choices in advance but rarely care about them once the paint is on the walls. I love that this makes me laugh and yet I still am serious about the process.

Today I love that breakfast at the market is still one of my all time favorite things to do. I love that every week I think I might order something different for breakfast and then I get there and it is both so easy to just say “the usual” and it really is my favorite so there really is no choice. I love that in almost every other aspect I am an adventurer, but this is my happy thing and I’m good with that.

Today I love plans for organizing the inside of my tool trailer so that there are shelves and hooks and room to move so I can get to all the things inside and so that those things don’t shift when the trailer is being towed. I love that I am well aware that in the end it will be a compromise between what I would have really liked to do and what I have time to do. I love that I’m okay with that so long as it works. I love that my tools will finally have a permanent home that isn’t several spaces in several rooms and sheds and the garage.

Today I love coffee drinking at the market and at home and in bed while the rising sun sets the frosted world on fire.