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Today I Love The Way This World Sings To Me

street scene
Listening to the music of the world

Today I love the way this world sings to me, radio stations playing in cars and cafés and stores and restaurants, traffic hissing by, rain drops beating on windows, wind chimes ringing and clinking, people’s voices buzzing in quiet harmonic susurration, I hear you world, I’m happy too. I love the way love is spoken quietly by people online with clicks and comments and likes and all the hearts that bubble up into the ether. I love that throughout most of this world people are just waiting for the perfect opportunity to show their love, and that more and more people are realizing the perfect opportunity is anytime, because even if it isn’t exactly what you wanted for an opportunity, it doesn’t preclude showing love when the perfect time happens, you’ll just be more practiced and more ready for it. Today I love people holding hands on the street, regardless of age or origin or gender, I love seeing two people who have found a moment of joy with each other and are damned if they are going to let it slip past without acknowledging it and experiencing it. I love love and that every day more people are valuing it because of where they found it and not just in spite of where they found it.

Today I love that a long weekend is coming and we have quiet plans for that. I love the way this weekend has somehow snuck up on us without making us commit to plans and happenings and so our plans for it are small and warm and have captured my heart and made me excited for it to be here. I love that these plans are as vague as “play a game of something,” and “watch a movie, maybe.” I love that these things will most likely happen but if they don’t it will be because we stumbled upon something better, and if it is something better than the plans we have than it will be great.

Today I love road trips and going in new directions, both in road trips and in life. I love that I have so much to ponder these days, though I have already done so much in my life. I love that sometimes I ponder doing some things over again, and sometimes I consider doing new things that I’ve never done before and it’s all good. I love that the color grey is sometimes the deepest shade of all when you consider that it might well be quietly hiding a rainbow of shades that could explode in beauty, has anyone ever looked close enough at grey to be sure it isn’t?

Today I love coffee drinking while I listen to the music of the world singing just for me, and just for you as well.

Today I Love The Way This World Sings To Me

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