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Today I Love The Return Of Winter

blue ice
Beautiful blue …

Today I love Winter’s return to this area, bringing back some hope for the coming growing season. I love the way each year rolls around the calendar, passing through each of the seasons that support each other so perfectly. I love the balance of nature and how it is flexing its muscles to deal with the trauma we’ve caused it. I love that nature is more alive than we ever thought it was before, as much of a single entity made up of individual parts as each one of us is, a single being made up of individual living cells, all working together to support each other. I love the natural world. I love the way the world has chosen this year to show me the wonders of ice and water, with long rafts of ice drifting by the cottage, and pans and burgy bits piling up on my shore, and the beautiful blue ice that stacked itself up on the beach at Meaford and waited for me to take its picture before losing its translucence. I love the jewels that nature adorns itself with, the mood it sets, the way that it offers both joy and distress at the same time and lets each of us choose our own. I love that I have discovered that secret of nature and now choose joy.

Today I love people who talk animatedly and I love that there are a couple of them here in the Wednesday office today. I love that at least one of them owns the animation all the time, invested in it, overjoyed and laughing in the telling of every detail of what is being discussed. I love being surrounded by happy, laughing people, even if they are strangers. I love the sound of laughter and I love it even more now that I’m old enough to understand that I don’t need to know every funny thing that is being said.

Today I love strawberry-pineapple oatmeal. I love that there are sausages in the cottage freezer to be cooked soon. I love that the slow cooker is working on supper for tonight. I love that I have recently realized how much I love food. I love that I have become adventurous in my eating habits and I love taking culinary chances. I love that eating can be as much of an adventure as traveling, in fact eating is a form of traveling.

Today I love sipping coffee while contemplating the eerie blue of the ice piles of Meaford.

Today I Love The Return Of Winter

Kelly Babcock

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