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Today I Love The Playoffs

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Fascinating switches …

Today I love the playoffs and that we made it to them in curling by winning our game last night. I love that the only reason I love this is because I get to keep curling longer than the regular season. I have grown to love curling, though I started out feeling like I loved it as it was, even when I was flailing all over the ice like Bambi. I love that last night I had a bobble out of the hack (lost my balance when throwing a rock) just to remind me that I’ve only been doing this for two seasons. I love that I never thought I’d love this game this much. I love that I now get a little upset with myself when I am only managing to succeed at half my shots, ’cause when I started out last year I was ecstatic if I managed to get one shot right in a game. I love that we won against the “other” top team (neither of us had been beaten this draw) even though I was barely throwing 60%, but I’m only the lead and there are three other curlers on this team who do better than just alright.

Today I love that the sun is telling lies on this brilliant sunny Saturday morning, that it looks bright and warm out there but it is bitterly and damply cold. I love that typing is warming up my frozen, been-to-market fingers and they are starting to regain sensation. I love that the market is so much fun on bright sunny mornings, that everyone there is so cheerful and bright and chipper, as opposed to dull grey days when everyone is happy and spunky and sparkling. I love that there are things at the market that we love so much and sometimes we still have too much of it left to warrant buying more so today was a light load with which to return. I love that breakfast is always on the list and we did that, and lunch is also usually on the list and we bought that and brought it home.

Today I love things getting finished up. I love electrical systems that are amazing, like a ceiling light with three different wall switches on its circuit. I love funky switches that have fascinated me since my childhood, and I love that there are three of them in our house now, a four way switch, a switch & receptacle, and a double switch, and that list doesn’t include the funky push button timer on the bathroom fan.

Today I love drinking coffee and pondering the wonders of switches that do not conform to the norm.

Today I Love The Playoffs

Kelly Babcock

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