tree against the sky


Today I love tangled trees and the silhouettes they create against a morning sky. I love the complicated beauty of single, simple things. I love that every morning is just one morning and yet each one brings its own convoluted collection of qualities and considerations to add to the day’s pile of activities and required labors. I love that each day is assembled fromĀ  wild, hectic times and sudden moments of still calm and reflection. I love this morning’s moment when I get to write this post, and I love that today I have so many things to do when this is done. I love that I’m back on the job, as it were, doing some contracting even though it’s in my own home. I love that I’ll be working with my old boss, even though I complain about him a lot. I love that all my complaining about him is usually to him and I don’t mean any more of it than he means when he’s grumbling to me about me. I love that we will say some pretty nasty things to each other and then laugh. I love working with him because I love getting things done and having them done right. I love that yesterday we were exploring the job and discovered some pretty crazy stuff that needs to be attended to. I love some of the horrors we’ve seen done by others that we still laugh about.

Today I love the smell of calamari cooking in the kitchen. I love breakfast in the nook in the winter sunlight. I love that I have barbecued a couple of times in the past week or so and it still tastes as good as it did last year, so that’s on for this year again.I love that I have a good barbecue at the cottage too. I love all the fireplaces in the world, love how comforting they are. I love that feeling of being safe and in control that even a campfire gives. I love primitive joy.

Today I love scrabble. I love real mahjong with real tiles and real people, even if it’s two handed mahjong. I love playing the solitaire mahjong because it helps me remember the tiles and most of their names. I love games where everyone gets to enjoy playing. I love games where there is no loser. I love people who refer to losing as coming in second, ’cause that’s what it is. I love that I watched a whole series on the netflix and now I feel like I don’t really need to go looking for any other series, mini or otherwise.

Today I love drinking coffee while contemplating the simple tangles of a tree.