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Today I Love Sunlight Through Sheer Curtains

sun through sheer curtains
The sheer beauty

Today I love sunlight through sheer curtains and blue sky backing the whole thing up. I love that it is a clear day with no precipitation in the immediate moment, ’cause we’re on the road again today. I love that this trip is to check out my lungs and maybe there will be answers this time. I love that, true to my modus operandi, I am feeling much better now that the appointment is here, ’cause that’s the way it always goes, that’s me. I love that we got to go to the cottage for a few moments yesterday and do some organizing there, getting ready for next weekend when we hope to be there for at least a couple of days and a night. I love that the water at the cottage is still not frozen, and much of the Georgian Bay is also open still so there is a chance that the snow cover that the land needs so desperately might still happen. I love that we are already planning what to eat next weekend and in my humble opinion it all sounds amazingly good. I love that I might be in some pain and my breathing is still not great, but while my mind knows these things my heart and soul ignore them and I just keep going.

Today I love plans for a big pot of pineapple and strawberry oatmeal in another day or two when the current raisin cinnamon runs out. I love making four or five days worth of oatmeal at once and heating it up by the bowl full as we need it. I bet we’d have done that when I was a kid if there had been microwaves back then. Yes, kids, I’m that old. I love that I remember the pre-microwave days of black and white TV and no remotes and phones hardwired to the walls and that long hard ten mile walk to school through the snow and uphill both ways. I love that I lied, ’cause I had a bicycle to ride to school. I love that I just made myself chuckle cause I just called my bicycle riding school self a commuter.

Today I love roads that are bare and dry, even though I want it to snow so much for my farming friends. I love that so many bugs and animals are waking up early this year, I hope there will be enough for them to eat. I love finding seashells from Spain in all my pockets of my jacket and my suitcase and my backpack. I love that I can go on Google Street View and wander around the towns we visited and remember how amazing it was to see that old architecture and here the language and smell the Mediterranean and taste all the food.

Today I love drinking my coffee while watching the sun through sheer curtains and getting ready to take to the road again.

Today I Love Sunlight Through Sheer Curtains

Kelly Babcock

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