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Today I Love Steam Rising From The Kitchen Sink

Sunny morning kitchen window
Light steam

Today I love steam rising from the kitchen sink in the sunlight of the kitchens cheery, east facing window. I love that there is second breakfast cooking. I love that I cooked first breakfast and I love taking turns. I love that before any breakfast we went for a three plus kilometer walk. I love that we argued about whether the breakfast we were planning was called fritata or tortilla and I love that we were laughing about how aggressively we were arguing because we just don’t ever do that and now we know it’s because we can’t, we’re not good at it. I love that second breakfast is going to be a tortilla fritata. I love bread fried in bacon grease and slathered with strawberry rhubarb jam.I love that this morning when I was waking up there was a robin singing love songs outside the window. I love that he is so determined, even though it’s still ten degrees below freezing as I write this. I love that I’m sure I saw a grey jay when we were out walking. I love that a cardinal was also whistling to us and I couldn’t find him until he was pointed out to me.

Today I love that it is just two days until Spring brings her sweet benevolence to this half of the earth. I love that I again have an overwhelming number of plans to get things done in the next three months and an overwhelming number of things that will take me away from those plans and I’m not prepared to give up on either the plans or the things, so look out world, this is love at work, stand back and be awed! I love that I am too tired to argue with myself when I set so many goals and usually the best of them get done, and always more of them than I should reasonably expect.

Today I love cheerful music on the radio. I love the quiet business of the kitchen as someone busies herself in there on her day off, doing what she loves and making a mess. I love that the mess is my job, and I love that we continue to imagine I’m good at cleaning it up, and maybe I am, though it doesn’t always happen on any sort of set schedule. I love that I have laundry and dishes and more writing to do and yet I still treat Mondays as a day off. Let’s see how much I can get done at a casual pace, shall we? I love this life.

Today I love drinking coffee by the kitchen sink as the steam rises up into the sunlight.

Today I Love Steam Rising From The Kitchen Sink

Kelly Babcock

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