rough schematic

Follow the bouncing electron …

Today I love solving problems even when my solution is to ask someone who knows the answers. I love that the best part of solving problems is learning and since asking for help to understand the problem and its solutions involves learning, that’s still the biggest part of a win. I love that sometimes the solution is to fix what’s broken and sometimes it is to replace what’s broken and sometimes it’s to abandon what’s broken and do something completely different. I love that everywhere I work the broken is usually such small bits that they don’t stop the whole from working. I really love when I fix things and they work so smoothly that I can’t stop smiling about them. I love that that could be working on some system on a website or in someone’s home or editing a story or even just writing. I love that I’ve already fixed a couple of lines in this post, including this one. I love being the person that some people come to to get things fixed or to find out how to do something. I love all my jobs because in a very real way they are all problem solving jobs.

Today I love that the bedroom has been painted and if it passes inspection we might be able to move the furniture back into it and I might get to sleep in my own bed tonight which would be wonderful. I love the color that that room is now, though I didn’t mind it before because it was sort of like the color of coffee, but now it looks like a really clear sky and that’s a great thing to wake up to. I love that, while there might be some concern about me being able to go to sleep in such a light and bright room, anyone who knows me knows that all I need is a cup of coffee right before bedtime and it’s lights out for me in seconds. I love that I have explained this so often to people and yet I never get tired of telling them this.

Today I still love strawberry and pineapple porridge. I love figuring out how to do wiring when it is being modified. I love that I debate with my boss over how that should be done. I love that yesterday I realized that many of my different bosses should have regular therapy group meetings to discuss how difficult it is to have me working for them.

Today I love drinking coffee while I ponder drawings of solutions.