Male American Robin

Tough old bird in the hood …

Today I love Robins in the hood hanging out in gangs looking tough and acting all in your face. I love how they keep cruising the lawn looking for worms and then settle for seeds and berries. I love how they just eat the seeds and berries with shrugged shoulders and a “whatever” attitude. I love that people think they go away because they don’t see them here in the winter but that some of them actually stay all year round. I love that I not only saw one in January the day before we went on winter holidays, but he was singing as well and they almost never do that in the winter. I love that this is what the old folks would have called an open winter, though I am reminded that they would not have been happy about this because it means a dry summer and poor crops when the land is not protected by snow this early in the year. I love that the people who grumble about winter weather here are still grumbling about it even though the weather is wonderful for them, it’s nice to have some continuity that can be counted on.

Today I love that we’re going to make a few changes in our house. I love that there will soon be a light fixture in the family room and I love pondering how someone could build a room of this size without thinking to put a ceiling fixture in it. I love that we’re not the first people to think of doing this, but we are apparently the first ones to attempt to do it right. I love that we’re going to put a third switch on the stairwell light, that will play hell with my OCD tendencies. I love that the ceiling that has the blemish in it will be hopefully be fixed also.

Today I love that I know Sally, my pharmacist and she is a good person who cares about her clients. I love that there are lots of good people in my community and I get to thank them by patronizing their businesses. I love that I’ve found a couple of shows I am enjoying. I love that streaming means that you can put television in its place and watch it when it’s convenient rather than having to watch when something is broadcast. I love remembering watching TV as a kid with my family and I love that I know I can’t watch those old shows now because the memory of them is always better than the reality.

Today I love drinking coffee and hanging out with the Robin gang.