snow and sunshine

Some of the weather

Today I love playing with websites, making them look right, finding the little controls that tweak the little things that make them present themselves in a tidy manner. I love editing content so that it reads smoothly and doesn’t sound like it was written by the grade five class bully. I love writing things that make me feel warm and, I hope, make others feel the same way. I love talking about this beautiful world we live in, how stormy mornings are awesome, how sunny bright ones are great, how dull, grey, wet ones make the warmth of home so wonderfully comforting. I love that this morning I got to tell someone that, although it is cold out today, it’s a dry cold. I love that that made us both laugh. I love that there is a new switch on my wall and a bare bulb hanging from the living room ceiling in a pigtail socket and that there will be a ceiling fan/light fixture there when the ceiling has been finished and painted. I love that we have been calling that room the great room and it is both laughable and perfect, because it is a small room, but it is great and becoming greater.

Today I love that tonight it is do or die in the local curling world here as our team, that hasn’t lost yet this draw, faces another team who hasn’t lost yet this draw to see which one gets the honor of representing the Friday night mixed league third draw in the playoffs. I love that if we win our season isn’t over yet and I love to curl so I’m hoping to win and I’m so stoked that I’m writing in run on sentences and I don’t even care though I’m fully aware that I’m doing it and it’s all right because … curling!!!

Today I love that there will be an open mic this afternoon at the good old Bleeding Carrot and I will be the host as usual. I love the steady parade of music and word talent that streams in to that café on Friday afternoons and fills the air with emotions in song and poetry form. I love that friends make it a point to show up when they have the opportunity to and share their art and practice their stagecraft. I love that there are often surprises at the open mic. I love that I get to host that every week.

Today I love drinking coffee and contemplating all the weather … and curling.