favorite chair

Construction zone office …

Today I love my favorite chair and the room it sits in. I love that it has found a home by a fireplace once again. I love that there is a bare bulb hanging from the ceiling where a light fixture will soon be in this room that trebles as a games room, a living room and an office of sorts for me when I sit in my chair and write or work on the Sites that I have a hand in maintaining. I love that, although it is currently a construction site, the contractor has the day off so I’ve snuck back in to get my fix of “home office” time in my good old chair. I love that there is maybe two days of work left and they’re short days because they are just priming and painting the ceiling. I love that today I am back to work and ready to take on this day. I love that my work is the usual mix of everything, IT, writing, dishes, laundry, meetings, and whatever else comes up. I love being this busy with this many different things to do because it means that I am the person I always thought I was, a jumble of skills that no one job could make complete use of. I love that it also means that I have a jumble of jobs that require my skills.

Today I love that tonight is the first night of playoffs at the club and my rink is in the quarter finals … sort of, that is that if we win each game from here on we will play three more games. I love that by the luck of the draw my team has ended up in the playoffs ’cause I love curling and if I wasn’t in the playoffs I’d be done for the season. I love that I’m feeling pretty good about how well I’m playing now, though I still have days when I’m lucky to be throwing 50% of my shots accurately. I love that I got started in curling, even though I started late, ’cause it feels like I’ve been doing it forever, I’m that happy and comfortable on the ice.

Today I love strawberry oatmeal. I love lots of weekend leftovers. I love compound words that have become so common they’ve left behind the support of their hyphen crutches; words like weekend, and leftovers. I love the flickering fireplace and the warmth of it and the sun combining to make the day a warm and cozy one here in the games room office living area.

Today I love drinking coffee in my crazy, lazy chair under a bare bulb while I write in the construction zone.