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Today I Love Movie Nights

scattered clouds and sun
Clouds wait their turn for game show auditions

Today I love movie nights and the funky little chalkboard we have that is titled “Coming Attractions” and how we keep a list of movies we’d like to see on it.I love that we don’t watch a movie every week, but we sometimes watch more than one in a day. I love that three seems to be our limit, ’cause sitting still that long is exhausting for someone like me that has to move around and be busy at least part of my day. I love that some really active action filled movies can make me feel like I’ve been moving around. I love that we have so many ways of watching movies because we have at least three different ways of streaming them and we have a Blu-Ray player, six DVD players (some attached to computers), and a VHS tape player in our possession, three TVs of various sizes, two desk top monitors and four laptops with functional screens. I love that in counting this all up I realize how much we enjoy being entertained. I love that I have given up on watching “The Last Man On Earth” because it is just too painful to wade through it. I love that I spent the first two episodes asking “Why?” and the next three saying “No.” and now I’m done, ’cause ain’t nobody got time for that drek. I love that I gave it more of a chance than it deserved.

Today I love this bright morning with the patches of cloud making shadows and then revealing the sun like a model displaying a prize on a game show. I love that our temperature is already above the predicted value for this time of day and that, since they’re calling for a high of just freezing, this all bodes well for the possibility that it might get above freezing today which means maple sap might run. I love that I’m looking forward to Tuesday and hoping that I can get out into the garage with the door open and get some things organized there. I love that once the garage is done my next plan is to fit my work trailer with shelves and bins for the things I want to carry in there.

Today I love improvised breakfast. I love that my phone will tell me what time it is when the alarm goes off, but if I don’t wake up the instant it goes off I miss hearing the time so now I’m wondering if that would train people to wake up immediately. I love that I either do wake up immediately or (on rare occasions like maybe three times in 59 years) I sleep right through the alarm and never know it went off.

Today I love drinking coffee while the patchwork of clouds practices putting the sun on display for some lucky studio audience member to win.

Today I Love Movie Nights

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