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Wednesday office care

Today I love looking after myself when I’m feeling a bit under the weather. I love that I often just get up and go when I’m feeling unwell. I love that I am at my Wednesday office, doing all the things and keeping myself busy while my ears pop and my sinuses quietly ache, threatening to make me feel foul and lousy, because I won’t let them do that to me. I love that even being ill brings back fond memories of breakfast in bed and long days spent with great books and sometimes getting to have “the radio” in my bedroom for the day. I love that when I was a kid, “the radio” was my mother and father’s clock radio and the clock part was mechanical digital and if you were really fast unplugging it and plugging it in again it only lost a few seconds and it never needed to have its time set again because that’s the way things used to be. I love old memories and I love that when I’m feeling even the slightest bit ill my mind goes back through those good old days. I love that these too will be good old days at some point, and maybe they’ll be some of mine.

Today I love that Meaford’s famous blue ice is still there. I love that there are some pieces of it on the shore at our cottage. I love that it looks like frozen window cleaning solution that has been lit from within. I love natural phenomena that look unreal or otherworldly. I love that there will be aurora tonight, though the likelihood of my seeing it is slim at best. I love that every time the lottery jackpot is won I feel better about buying a ticket because I really, really, really wouldn’t want many multi-millions and while I know I’d give some of it away I’d always regret not having given it to this group or that project after it was gone. I love that when I buy a ticket I’m always hoping I can win just enough to pay off my debts and retire again, because apparently retiring without money doesn’t actually work.

Today I love that the tightness around my head feels oddly comforting at the same time that it feels painful, and I think it’s because it feels nothing like the horrid migraines I used to get as a child and as a teenager. I love that those days long maladies seem to be gone … fingers crossed.

Today I love coffee and the way it helps me ease the tightness around my head this morning, very comforting.