dust of snow

Peaceful day

Today I love long term plans and post event discussions. I love that now that the Chinese New Year celebrations are over plans are already being discussed for next year. I love that good fortune comes to those who seek it out. I love that last night a group of dedicated volunteers spent the supper hour together dining and discussing what happened this year, how well it went and how we can make it even better next time. I love that parts of my community are actively seeking to be culturally forward thinking. I love that I get to help in more than one way with this particular project. I’m sorry I missed all the parts of the celebration that I’m only hearing about now because I was in the wings waiting for my cue to go on as the Cai Shen (the God of Good Fortune), but I love that so many people were thrilled that we were able to have a representation of the new year’s god at the celebrations. I love that I get to be a part of making my community more inclusive.

Today I love that it is Thursday already and that it has a definite Thursday feel to it. I love how days can have their own atmosphere. I love how some days seem like they are other days but today is definitely not one of those days. I love that Thursdays are the “Let’s get as much of this stuff done as we can so we’ll be able to coast through Friday” days. I love that there is a dusting of snow here and that even that will help with keeping the land from drying out to some extent. I love how every little part of our seasons plays a role in making the world work. I love how, just like the seasons, the weeks are cyclical also. And I love anything that I can describe as cyclical ’cause I love that word, it means that no matter what happens, the good parts are always either happening or coming around again. Today I love that it is International Women’s day, but I wish we didn’t need a day to celebrate people we should appreciate and celebrate all year long. I love that there are and have been women in my life that make it so much more rich and full than it could ever have been, that there is no replacement available for the influence they have exerted on my and I love that I live in a time when, with just a glance this truth is obvious to me.

Today I love making and eating Macaroni and Cheese. I love that I just realized I may need more milk, it’s gotta be done right. I love comfort foods from my youth. I love that there seems to be all kinds of leftovers here but I can’t remember what they all are at the moment, so I get to not worry about food and I also get to be surprised at what we get to eat. I love long lazy days and I’m hoping one shows up some time soon.

Today I love looking out over the thin sheet of snow and contemplating how good it is to drink coffee in a warm house on a freezing cold day.