Ice shelf on the shore

The crispy, cold day served up with ice and sunshine

Today I love laughter in the cottage from young happy hearts that have come to visit us here. I love children whose names all begin with the letter “A” and who all think bed is someplace you go when you’ve finally finished doing every possible thing you can think of. I love the way the cottage sounds alive when it has children in it. I love that having children around reminds me of my childhood and all the joy I had. I love that we have the good fortune to have children for friends, I love that they will come and visit and bring their parents and stay over and make this sunshiny Sunday morning such a bright and happy delight.

Today I love this brilliant day and the wondrous ice show on our shore. I love that we are waiting for the ducks or the swans or maybe all the water birds to go by out in the open water. I love that this cold clear day feels like it was made for us and there are big plans to see the creek beside the cottage, and eat doughnuts, and read books, and play, and draw pictures, and all kinds of wonderful activities. I love being active and kids keep things lively, if they can keep up with me. I love that at least two of these three are older than I am in their hearts.

Today I love bacon frying and eggs cooking and toast toasting in the morning. I love the great smells of a kitchen at breakfast time. I love people gathering together to eat. I love children being allowed to talk and laugh at meals. I love that I remembered nursery rhymes from my childhood fifty years ago. I love toast fried in bacon grease when the butter runs out. I love that I can write on my phone when I forget to bring my computer and my internet hub with me. I love that there is a good chance that I’ll spend some time outdoors today. I love being at the happy, noisy, cheery cottage so much that I’m saying it twice. I love how words never fail me, though they often seem inadequate for describing how I feel. I love that the idea of writing is in the root of the words describing and description, because I am a scribe and I love what I do.

Today I love drinking coffee with a view of the bay and the cheerful misses A., A., and A. all being joyfully and animated lyrics happy and chatty at the cottage.