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Today I Love Helping To Get Things Done

sunny blue sky
We pretty much painted the walls a shade of this color …

Today I love helping to get things done because it means that we are doing things together which is always fun and it means that things are getting done that need doing, and it also means that you’ve found someone you can collaborate with which is a grand thing to have in life. I love that breakfast has been made and eaten with cheerful gusto and that a big pot of porridge has been made for the week and it was done with happy participation all around. I love that we are getting ready to go to the family fun curling day at the rink and I’m going to enjoy that a lot I’m sure. I love how looking for the lovable parts of everything makes life so much better and fuller and richer. I love that it really is that easy. I love that it is Sunday and that day still has a feeling of relaxation and ease and grace for me. I love that it is sunny and brilliant out, that the sky is almost the same blue as the color we painted the walls last week, and that we’ve been discussing, semi seriously, painting the ceiling a midnight blue and putting florescent, glow in the dark stars and moons and planets on it, and possibly painting the bottoms of the walls green and adding trees and flowers and things. I love that we likely only need to talk about all that to enjoy it, but if we decide to do it it will be funny and fun.

Today I love that yesterday we had a great time at a three year old’s birthday party and I love how that child is such a smiling and happy little soul. I love children who hide behind a parents leg and peek around, smiling at you, and there were a couple of toddlers like that there. I love really good birthday cake that has all the really good bad stuff in it, like too much sugar and butter and the like. I love people who realize that one’s birthday is no time to be concerned with healthy eating. I love good food that can also be healthy, but let’s make sure it’s good first, like the stuff we ate yesterday.

Today I love throwing rocks on ice. I love all the gardening stuff for sale in the flyers. I love when we adults attempt to get children to smile and be accepting of us, looking for validation and acceptance from the future generation, looking for proof that we might continue to belong. I love jello.

Today I love drinking coffee and getting ready to go curling and also looking forward to my next birthday party invitation.

Today I Love Helping To Get Things Done

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