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Today I Love Free Seeds

Coffee in the great room

Today I love free seeds like the ones being given out at the Library for Seedy Saturday. I love that the market was particularly bustling with market goers of both kinds, those I know and those I have yet to know but hopefully will some day. I love that breakfast was worth waiting for. I love that we watched worlds figure skating before getting up this morning, although technically I got up and made coffee to drink in bed. I love how the day is brilliant and bright, even though it’s as cold as ice water in the wind, and it makes my parka and my mitts seem like welcome friends. I love that within four days it will be raining and mild according to the gurus who run out weather service. I love that this is how Spring is, she makes sure we remember winter and then makes sure we know that summer is where we’re heading to, and then gets on with the business of slowly changing from one to the other. I love that those same gurus are predicting a good chance of one more serious snowfall. I love that I would be amused to see one last snow day coming for the kids, and if it happened in April I’d find that funny enough to make me chuckle all day long.

Today I love that last night was our first game of the two game series that will hopefully decide the playoffs and we won, so now we need to go into Monday night’s game with our game faces on and some serious intentions … ha ha, I’m just kidding. Monday night’s game will be like every other game we’ve played, we’ll go into it with the intention of doing our best and we’ll hope that one last time we come out on top. This team haven’t lost a game yet, so we feel like we should be okay.

Today I love that tomorrow is family day at the curling club and we’ll be throwing rocks and having fun then too. I love that we bought so many veggies today and we’ll be making a veggie tray to take to that family curling thingy. I love that I’m taking my boss as my family ’cause she’s a lot of fun when she’s not bossing me around. I love that my boss never bosses me around … well, not often. I love free kindle books on Amazon. I love my kindle when I get a chance to read it. I love that I have three or more books on the go right now.

Today I love drinking coffee in the great room in the sunshine and out of the ice water wind.

Today I Love Free Seeds

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