monkey on a pineapple label

I already have his pineapple

Today I love fake days off, which is to say that I love holidays like Good Friday even though I still have to do some of my jobs on those days. I love that I love my work, ’cause who wants to work on days off if they don’t love their work. I love that I’ve worked shifts at jobs I didn’t necessarily like, let alone love, on holidays and that even then I would love to work because there was something glorious about getting off work and going home to a holiday atmosphere. I love that I have experienced both working on holidays and holding holiday celebrations until those who worked could get home to enjoy them and I love those holidays as much as when everyone is off. I love getting to spend time with family and friends any time that I can, but holidays have an extra flavor to the day that makes them special. I love how life is all about going off on adventures for me these days but holidays can be all about staying put and letting the adventure come to me. I love long weekends and long conversations (sometimes even when I’m not the one talking) and I love that I can enjoy holidays that are specific to certain cultures even if those cultures are only mine by ancestry.

Today I love that it feels like Saturday, even though it’s actually Friday. I love that I’ll get to wake up tomorrow and feel like it’s Saturday again, and it will actually be Saturday and we’ll go to the market and spend some time putting the house in order since the small renovations that we did. I love that today we’ll get to go for a walk and cook a turkey and talk and make more plans for more adventures and discuss the adventures we’ve already started working on. I love thinking about and imagining all the changes that could occur in the next little while.

Today I love that someone brought to my attention that picture of that monkey, viciously guarding that pineapple on the tag of a pineapple that we bought, and I’m wondering who thought it was a good idea to try to sell pineapples by showing the starving monkey who’s food we’re going to be eating. I love that my mind can create a whole backstory from almost any picture. I love that even when I’m tired I can word, like last night when we scrabbled until I was dozing off.

Today I love drinking coffee while making plans to eat some monkey’s pineapple, among all my many other adventurous plans. And I especially love that the monkey isn’t here to see me do that, he looks like he wouldn’t like that at all.